Our History

Where We Have Been: Since our inception ESSM has been providing Christian-based audio and visual materials to senior care communities. For the majority of our history those materials were purchased and repackaged in what we called a Resource Pack. Activity directors in senior care communities completed applications for the free Resource Pack, which 99.9% of the time was approved, and the materials were either delivered or mailed to the attention of the activity director at the respective care communities.

Where We Are Headed: To our knowledge no other organization has done or is doing what ESSM has done on the scale that we have. Partnering with a the national online service, It’s Never 2 Late (IN2L), in 2011 changed our model and paved the way for us to easily transition into the App technology. Together our partnership with IN2L as well as the new ESSM Apps places ESSM on a path to impact seniors in their latter years at an unparalleled level.

We cannot change how aging affects the body, but we can be part of the Spiritual solution that has the power to transform regardless of age.