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Your support will be used to give meaning and quality of life to seniors who are forgotten.

A $25 donation will cover the cost of providing a packet of either our booklets ("Who Is My Neighbor?" or "A Time to Grieve") to a church or a care community.

A $100 Donation will cover the cost of providing a tablet, loaded with our free app, to a senior care community.

Donations can be made in honor of the person of your choosing.

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Thank you for being so tireless with your efforts to provide spiritually to everyone regardless of their physical, cognitive, or financial abilities.
— Georgetown, DE

Serve as a Volunteer

Elder Source Senior Ministries encourages support from individuals, churches, foundations, corporations and others interested in taking the love of Christ to seniors who are either home-bound or living in facilities. In addition to volunteering your time, there are many other ways to give including cash, matching gifts, appreciated stock as well as goods and services.


True success cannot come without the local church. Our desire is to facilitate partnerships between local churches and local senior care communities with the goal in mind of one church adopting one local facility as a direct outreach of that church. This will take the involvement of the pastoral staff and church members of all ages.


Volunteers are needed to assist individual residents who can no longer get out of bed to attend a group activity or public worship service. Volunteers can also help by contacting their local churches or civic groups to add to the resources donated by Elder Source. Volunteers are also needed to help with group activities.


It would be terrific if Elder Source could include a Chaplain with each Resource Pack. The program would then be totally complete. Elder Source can be a facilitator for those wanting to become Chaplains, or for those who would like Chaplains. Perhaps you know of a retired pastor or layman that could make an ideal chaplain in a community near you.


Here's how your financial contributions are making a difference

I have used the music and videos at least two times a week in our facility. The residents love it, and I also use the Bible on CD for room visits.
— Upland, CA
I just ordered and received twenty more of the Hymn Books that you sent in our original package. We now have an average of 35 -40 residents attending vespers on Sunday. That is 60% of our residents.
— Covina, CA
We love all the music. It is great with our cognitive impaired. Some know the tunes, keep time, and even sing along. Thanks for the Bible on CD. Our minister continues to listen almost every day.
— Valparaiso, IN
Our residents have the best time watching and listening to the videos and tapes. You are truly doing the work of the Lord.
— Jackson, GA
Our residents look forward to Monday’s Life Enrichment Worship Service of sing-a-longs, and ministry. Thank you for sharing Elder Source materials.
— Winter Haven, FL
Our facility only has a church come every other Sunday, so the CD’s and songbooks are really a blessing. I also used the Daily Bread to do a lesson. Thanks and God bless you for all you do for the elderly.
— Redlands, CA