Our Resources

Our senior resources are divided into four main areas. Devotionals, Hymns, Videos, and Sermons. All of the resources are written for seniors. The Devotionals are brief and are often topical. Many contain a thematic hymn. The Hymns are varied and include hymns performed by the Grammy award winning Peasall Family, as well as the Gospel Radio Road Show, which mimic the radio shows of the past. The Videos are topical, such as the one produced exclusively for ESSM by Joni Eareckson Tada, as well as hymn based videos (pictures fade in and out as the hymns are played and/or sung). Sermons will be an addition to our lineup and will be brief, themed, and bookended by hymns in the style of a pastor talking one on one to a senior.

These resources are unparalleled in their design and scope. We anticipate that our library of resources will become the largest available targeting our people group. Music is a central theme in many of our resources and that is intentional. Music is a powerful tool and seniors love the old hymns. The portion of the brain that responds to music is the last portion of the brain to be affected by dementia. Now, with the addition of the new ESSM Apps, ESSM will be able reach an untold number of seniors by partnering with care communities, skilled home health, custodial and personal home care, hospice, churches, and families.