I Want to Be Like Sam Someday!

An important introductory note: I met Sam today while visiting my wife in rehab. Tomorrow marks the end of the 5th month since my wife’s brain trauma began. A stubborn aneurysm that burst twice was only the beginning. You can scan some earlier blogs for more details. She is now in a local care facility for rehab. Today is Saturday 2/24/17.

Using a walker to guide his steps Sam strolled into my wife’s room today just before lunch. I thought he had entered the wrong room, but then I saw a smile on his face as he directed his attention towards my wife. To my surprise my wife responded with a kind smile. She knows him? Sam told her how nice she looked today and said the color had returned to her face. I’m thinking that Sam is older than her father…. 

Sam then reminded my wife that he had stopped by a couple of days ago and prayed for her. Without looking at me he asked her, “Is this your better half?” You know, this Sam guy is not so bad after all. He then said that if he and his wife lived until June they would celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary. He is 86 and his wife is 83. As Sam turned to leave, he offered more words of encouragement and a promise to continue praying for my wife.

I was wrong about Sam from the beginning. I had assumed that he was confused and entered the wrong room. I had also assumed he had other intentions. We often make wrong assumptions about others, especially about our seniors. When Sam left the room I sat dumbfounded and amazed, realizing that my wife is probably one of many Sam knows, encourages, and prays for by name.

When I grow old, I want to be just like Sam! Thank you Sam for preaching one of the best sermons I have ever heard - without saying a word to me!

Note: Sam is not the kind gentleman’s real name.

Stan Means
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