Love me still?

Last evening my wife was curled up on the sofa asleep while I watched a Duck Dynasty episode of Phil and Kay having a surprise re-wedding thrown for them on the day of their 49th wedding anniversary. As teenagers they were married at the courthouse, so their family wanted to give them their first real wedding.

If you know the back-story the couple went through some very rough times in their early years due to their poverty and Phil's drinking. Kay even kicked him out once. He gave his wild ways the boot, asked Kay to take him back. Phil is now known as a man who is not ashamed to admit his love for his senior bride and God.

Most men, if they are honest, don't long to go to weddings, but in this one-hour special, men and women alike were smitten at the sight of a love that has been tested, tried, and proven. The simple vows they spoke promised a never-ending love to each other and were backed by years of living out that promise.

Although they did not show photos of the couple in their early days together, I am sure Phil and Kay have changed a bit. But, neither had to ask, "Do you love me still… now that I am old?" In a culture that will sell its soul to remain young, I find the love Phil and Kay show for each other refreshing, convicting, and wonderful.

The bible talks about Christians being the bride of Christ. That is a concept that many of us find difficult to get our heads around, but if we look at it through the eyes of Phil and Kay it becomes a bit clearer. God loves us, period! Did you get that? HE LOVES US! So, let's cultivate a God-like love for others so that no one will have to ask, "Do you love me still?"

Stan Means 
Elder Source Senior Ministries