Never Give Up, Never Quit!

There are coincidences in life, but not this time. Last evening I landed on a televised interview of a very successful man. His message was to never give up, never quit. I filed it in the back of my mind as I turned off the television to go to bed.

So far this morning five people have contacted me to encourage me or to inquire as to how I am doing. I still hadn’t connected the dots. When I got to the ICU my wife was not responding. Lovingly and honestly I asked if she was going to fight or give up. Finally, she gave me a “thumbs up” to indicate that she doesn’t want to give up. When I asked her to, she made a small fist and gently brought it up to my chin. That simple gesture made my day.

If you have not read any of my recent posts, you are unaware that my wife has been in Neuro ICU for much of the past eight weeks as a result of a twice-ruptured aneurysm, a stroke, a craniotomy, a subdural hematoma, and much more. I have been discouraged by her lack of progress, and my patience with life in general has run a bit thin. What I didn’t realize, while trying to encourage my wife this morning, was that I needed the encouragement as much as she did. 

Life has no guarantees and giving up can be deceivingly easier than staying in the fight, especially when the fight appears to be against all odds. My wife’s recovery will be measured in years, but she is a fighter and will not quit. We bought her some boxing gloves several weeks ago. They hang in her hospital room. I will continue to fight for her and beside her, but that is only part of my fight. The ministry I direct is not popular. Few of us want to grow old, so engaging or supporting a ministry like ours is not a priority or a desire for most. However, the people we serve are worth the fight, and I will continue fight for them with renewed energy.

In case you are wondering, the interview I was watching was with our President
Elect, Donald Trump. Whatever your political persuasion, his success in life is an example of one who doesn’t quit and doesn’t give up, even against impossible odds. Life draws all us into fights we don’t ask for, but if a lightweight little wife can fight the battle of her lifetime against all odds, surely you and I can muster up the courage to never give up and never quit.

Stan Means
Elder Source Senior Ministries