The Last Kiss


My mother loved deeply, and she demonstrated her love through her sacrificial service for others. Her love was not just spoken. She proved it over and over again by her actions.

Her last act of love came on the morning of August 25, 2017. The day before I left home in a rush and drove to my parents’ home after learning that hospice had said my mother may not survive the night. The 11 hour drive gave me ample opportunity to pray, but the only prayer I could muster was, “God, please keep her alive until I get there.” 

When I arrived, my mother gave no indication that she knew I was there. She had been in a coma since early afternoon. That night I sat in a chair beside her and held her hand all night. Every few minutes I looked for signs that she was still breathing. 

Early the next morning God gave us a miracle. As I was swabbing her dry lips, she suddenly awoke. Although she couldn’t talk, she communicated her love the best way she could. She held my hand, gave me a tight hug, and did the same with my father, sisters, and brother-in-law. I asked her to tell Sue, my wife who died four months ago, that I love and miss her. By mid morning Mom was back in a coma. Hospice told us that people in her condition don’t revive as she did. God gave us a gift that morning that we will never forget. Mom died nine hours later with all of us surrounding her, holding her hands and touching her. Her funeral was five days ago. 

As I left early this morning, my mother wasn’t there to hug me and tell me goodbye. She wasn’t standing by the window to wave at me as I drove away. She has always been there. I will never hold her or feel her tight hugs again. I will never see her smile or watch as she quietly serves others, but I will never be without her love and her wonderful example of a quiet, loving servant.

Just a little while ago I pulled into the garage and started to unload. My wife would often hear the garage door open and would come out to greet me. Today she didn’t and never will again. I wonder what my wife and mother are doing today in Heaven. Do they know how much I still love and miss them? Did Sue greet Mom when she arrived? They both left a legacy of love and service. I pray that their legacy will live on through me, our kids, and our grandkids. 

Mom and Sue, I loved you in life, and I love you still! I pray that my life will honor you both. You were amazing mothers. Your lives and deaths have touched many!

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Stan Means
Elder Source Senior Ministries
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