The Noise of Life

As I begin this blog I am sitting in a Starbucks in a neighboring community…waiting. The sky is overcast. A hurricane off the coast has already caused strong rains with the promise of much more to come. Inside the noise and conversation from the baristas is continuous. Two conversations going on nearby seem unusually loud. If I concentrate I can hear most of their conversation, as well as the blended conversations of others.

The world is noisy today as well. Russia is bombing targets in Syria. The entire Mideast is on edge, as if any moment mass conflict could consume the entire region and possibly the entire globe. The news is even noisy today. Another mass shooting, this time in a community college in rural Oregon leaves us, once again, shaking our heads, realizing the madness of this world, the noise of this world, is not receding.

In a few minutes I will get into my car and drive to a funeral home. The mother of a friend of mine has died. The visitation starts in a few minutes, and the funeral is tomorrow afternoon. I have never met my friend’s aged mother. I am going tonight to show sympathy for his loss. For a while the noise of life has muffled for my friend, a reminder that for all us, and for all those we know and love, the noise of life will one day, in an instant, stop!

Stan Means
Elder Source Senior Ministries