The Second Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done!

A few days ago I was sitting at a two-top table with an acquaintance at a birthday party. The man knows me but not well. He inquired about the ministry I lead, which surprised me. There are certain professions, mine included, that some shy away from for one reason or another. For those of you who don’t know, I lead a ministry to seniors in care centers. I can’t remember when someone responded as positively as he did.

In answering his question I explained our 39-year history and my leadership for the past 34. I mentioned that a lack of adequate funding in recent years has caused us to embrace technology, which in turn has grown our ministry beyond what we ever could have imagined. He seemed genuinely impressed. We landed on two topics of discussion: churches and sponsors.

I had to be honest when he asked about church involvement. I explained that our youth oriented culture has intentionally and unintentionally pushed seniors to the sidelines. Just recently I told someone that it is a shame a lifetime of wisdom gained, sometimes the hard way, is often ignored by a society that worships at the fountain of youth. 

Although no church supports our ministry, there are three churches I know who do senior ministry well. They are: First Baptist Church of Spartanburg, SC, Grace Church of Greenville, SC, and First Baptist Church of Hoopeston, IL. There are other churches that could be added to these three. Although we have content sponsors for our app, we have no corporate or business financial sponsors.

The title infers there is something I have done that is harder than the ministry I lead. The hardest thing I have ever done is to watch my wife suffer for months and die a year ago. I literally feel that half of me died with her. However, just as the ministry I lead is rewarding, I know my wife’s death didn’t take God by surprise. He will lead me still. Out of the most difficult trials we face in life come some of life’s greatest blessings, masterpieces painted by the heart of God. My canvas may look bleak and even dark to me at times, but God is creating something that will become clear in eternity.

Stan Means
Elder Source Senior Ministries
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