There's No Place Like Home

The attractive young lady behind the check-in counter at the Omni West Hotel in Dallas, TX asked, “How was your day?” I half smiled and said that she really didn’t want to know. My day had been frustrating to say the least!

My flight to Atlanta was late, and I barely made the connecting flight. A couple of hours later I was at Love Field in Dallas headed to the Budget car rental counter – which was closed. A shuttle bus took me to the Budget lot, but they had lost my reservation. I handed the clerk a copy of my confirmation and a new reservation was made.

Then I had to deal with Siri, who couldn’t understand the address to the Omni. After heavy traffic all the way, I finally arrived at the Omni and quickly learned that I could self-park for $20.00 a night about a block and half away or valet park for $30.00 a night. Frustrated, I chose the latter. At the check-in counter, I learned that there are four Omni’s in Dallas and Siri had taken me to the wrong one.

Do you know that people in downtown Dallas who drive black cars don’t move their cars when the light turns green? Do you know that people in downtown Dallas just decide they are going to park in the right lane even though it is a no parking zone? All of this frustration was leading me to two conclusions. 

First, I have enjoyed visiting Dallas several times, but it is not my home. To be real honest, Siri is a bit challenged at home from time to time, and the drivers can do some very stupid things there as well. There were three traffic delays on the way to the airport this morning, and we won’t even talk about Woodruff Road.

Second, seniors are like the rest of us. Sometimes the unfamiliar can be frustrating, and sometimes there is just no place like home. If we could really get our minds and hearts around that thought it might make a difference as to how we view, judge, and interact with seniors. Elder Source wants to help seniors feel at home wherever home may be.

Stan Means
Elder Source Senior Ministries