When Hope is Running on Empty

Some years ago my kids were with me as I was driving home from a neighboring town. I had waited too long to get gas, and the car died while going up a hill. We were about a mile from the closest gas station. I coasted back to the bottom of the hill and asked the kids to pray with me. I turned the key and the car started. We made it to the gas station with a few more stops, starts, and prayers.

If you are like me your hope tank can sometimes hit empty. One could get really spiritual and say that shouldn’t be the case for the Christian because we have the hope of Heaven. True, but we are only human, and life isn’t always fair.

I have heard it said that growing old isn’t fair either. Have you ever thought what it is like to grow old, to be shut-in at home or in a care center day after day after day, to know that your friends and family don’t come around anymore, to feel that your church has forgotten you? Combined with declining health, your hope tank would possibly be running on fumes at best.

Well, I know a way to a filling station! When we do something good for others, the needle on our hope tank gets a big boost. If that good deed is for a shut-in, or a senior in a care center, I promise that you will get a big burst of hope and you will brighten the day of the one you took the time to visit, giving them hope as well.

Yes, life isn’t always fair, but doing something good for someone seems to change our perspective. I can’t think of a more needy and appreciative people group than our seniors. Yes, it will take some intentional effort on your part, but you won’t regret it. I promise!

Stan Means
Elder Source Senior Ministries