Cabins and Gold Streets

I was sitting at a high top table at a private resort. The view to my right was a golf course with the backdrop of long needle pines. My room was spacious and the bathroom was amazing. I was there for a board meeting for another ministry. One of the board members is a member of the private resort and graciously provided the venue for our meeting. I am not accustomed to luxury, but I must admit it was very nice.

Could I get accustomed to that lifestyle? I could. Mercedes has an SUV that is pretty nice. However, the real Stan Means is very comfortably unpretentious. I drive a small 2005 Toyota and am truly satisfied with a simple lifestyle. A few years ago I gave a tapestry to my parents. It is a picture of a cabin in the woods with a small lake in the foreground. Dad has often asked if I would like to live in such a place.

If you are like me the descriptions of Heaven can seem a little over the top. I don’t need streets of gold… Just give me that cabin in the woods, and I will be fine. The trouble with my thinking is that I am viewing Heaven from an earthly vantage point. Frankly, I think it is pretty much impossible to capture in our finite minds what an infinite God has prepared for us.

I am reminded of a quote that resonates with me. “Possessions weigh me down in life. I never feel quite free. For I don’t know if I own my possessions or if my possessions own me.” I honestly don’t need much. A cabin in the woods seems ideal for an occasional get-a-way to refocus, and I could use that retreat now, but even the simple things in life can become weighty when our priorities are out of alignment.

I am as ready as I have ever been for that great trumpet sound, or just the single tap on my shoulder to take me home. Until then, I want to occupy (Luke 19:12-27). If God has blessed you with much, thank him and use it to serve him. If God has blessed you with little, thank him and serve him still.

I will offer you a service opportunity that will only cost you a few minutes of your time. Visit a senior who is shut in or is in a care home. They will bless you as much you will bless them, and maybe even more.

Stan Means
Elder Source Senior Ministries
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