Don't Leave Me!

Note: I found the following on my laptop, written months ago. My prayer is that the words from this unskilled writer will cause us to think and move us to action. For those of you who may not know my story, a series of difficulties and complications following a ruptured frontal lobe aneurism on September 25, 2016, ended when God called my wife Home on May 6, 2017. Thank you for reading and sharing.

Spoken just minutes ago, the words in the title above brought tears to my eyes. The ICU visitation hours were ending for day 120. Today is January 24, 2017. My wife has a family that loves her, as well as a strong network of extended family and friends. We know the road will be long and difficult for all of us, but tonight she didn’t want me to leave. When I pressed my forehead to hers she calmed instantly, dousing her burning anxiety. She was resting peacefully as I left. My heart goes out to those who are not as blessed with family and friends. All around us people are hurting in way or another. Death, disease, and pain are ever present. 

Earlier today, I put the turn signal on and merged into the right lane. Immediately, I heard a loud honk. In my rearview mirror I saw a woman’s hands raised in exasperation. I wanted to stop at the next traffic light to apologize, but I was afraid she would fear my approach. The past four months has left me a bit distracted. As she followed me through several traffic lights, I began to wonder who she is and what she may be going through that caused such an overreaction. Perhaps, if we, all of us in this thing we call society, would consider the loads others may be carrying, show a little compassion and understanding, we may find our own burdens a bit lighter and our world a little sweeter.

My wife and I believe that God will never leave us. We believe his son hung from a cross to prove his love. That kind of love in our hearts can do a world of good for many who are hurting and feel alone. The best place to start is in our own home and with our extended families. From there we can consider our neighbors and coworkers, and let us not forget the seniors who not only feel alone, but also are literally alone. We can make a difference!

Stan Means
Elder Source Senior Ministries
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