I received a text a few days ago that included the word Legendary. The sender wasn’t talking about me (that would be a laugh), but I couldn’t help thinking how powerful that word can be. Before I allowed my mind to go too far, I asked Siri (Apple iphone) for the definition of Legendary. I have the advantage of knowing what the sender was referring to, so the definition that stood out was, “Very well known.”

My mind started creating a Legendary List. My hometown in Illinois is known as the Sweet Corn Capital of the World. Siri didn’t know that one and couldn’t even give me a list of legends or legendary events. Neither could Alexa, the voice of the Amazon Echo. If you care to, stop a minute and think of who or what comes to mind as legendary. I had no trouble compiling a quick list.

My first thoughts were of historical figures, but then my brain took a hard right turn. No, I am not talking about right verses left in the political arena. I mean a hard right turn, immediate and powerful. The list formed very quickly: Dr. Mahmoud Rayez, Dr. Sharon Webb, Nurse Practitioners Melissa and Faye, and a host of medical professionals that treated my wife for over six months. None of them ever gave up on Sue – until the final strike of the clock 6:48 AM, May 6, 2017, when all efforts to revive her had failed. My hat is off to the wonderful Greenville Memorial Hospital, my home away from home for many months. You never failed to do your best for my wife and our family. You are legendary! I will be forever grateful to all of you!

Perhaps, you are wondering what or whom the sender of the text was calling Legendary.  I will copy his exact words. “Stan, we love you and cherish “Sue’s Memory.” It is Christ centered and legendary in so many ways.” 

Legends are made of ordinary people living extraordinary lives! May the work that is done through Elder Source be legendary in the eyes of those we serve.

Stan Means
Elder Source Senior Ministries
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