Sometimes We Need to Talk Less and Listen More!

I have always been on the quiet side of life. My mind is almost always engaged in thought and in observing life and people around me. However, in spite of all my thinking and observing, the following life lesson took years for me to learn.

A girl I was dating many years ago told me that she liked me opening the car door for her, and 33 years later it is still important to her. Although, I have always helped my wife with the household chores without being asked, I had continued to open the car door for her even though I didn’t fully understand why it was so important. 

One day the grey sludge in my brain cleared for a moment. Opening the car door is a token of my love for her, an outward sign that shows her, and the casual observer, that her husband loves and honors her. Honestly, it really has very little to do with a car door. So I started to wonder what other “car door moments” am I missing as I walk through life.
What do the people we know and love need from us? What are their car doors? As you are thinking don’t forget those often overlooked. Seniors still need to be loved, appreciated, and honored, especially those who are shut-in and in care centers. They are the forgotten masses Elder Source is reaching, and you can help us. Call, write, or visit a senior close to you. Be a voice for the seniors in your church. Tell a care center near you, and your church, about us. Pray for us and support our cause. See our website for more information, as well as, instructions for online giving.

Motivation: God knows me better than anyone, yet he loves me and forgives me. How can I do anything less for those I love!

Stan Means
Elder Source Senior Ministries