Treasure Hunting (Relationships > Things)

I have reached the point in life where the years I have lived are more than the years I have left, and I am really, really okay with that. My focus changed when our two kids got married within a month of each other. Four years later both have wonderful mates, a daughter each, and both have a child on the way that will be born a little over a month apart. Two sweet little toddlers now call me “Pops.”

My Scripture reading this morning included Matthew 13, which tells of a man who found a treasure hidden in a field that he didn’t own. He sold all that he had so he could buy the field. The parable is about the ultimate treasure hunt, seeking the kingdom of Heaven. 

So I started thinking about my sometimes-misguided hunt for treasure over the years. Thankfully, I now treasure relationships (faith, family, friends, acquaintances) over things. I also treasure the ministry God has given me to minister to the forgotten masses, the seniors who are shut-in and in care centers. They are part of the age wave tsunami that is increasingly viewed as irrelevant by society and the church. Aging is not an easy road. My mission is to see that they don’t have to walk it alone.

Have you ever stopped to think about what is in or what you want to be in your treasure box? As you ponder that question, I challenge you to spend some time with a senior today. I promise that you will treasure the time spent.

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Stan Means
Elder Source Senior Ministries