Stuck in the mud

With the Midwest having had one of the worst winters on record, my daughter's yard was soaked from melting snow and rain. While moving her car the front wheels left the driveway, getting stuck in the mud. The more she and her husband worked to free the car the worse the situation became.

I am sure at one time or another most of us have become stuck in the mud either literally or figuratively. Perhaps, you feel stuck right now in a job, a relationship, a health concern, a financial matter… and things are getting pretty muddy—maybe even hopeless. If you are “stuck in the mud” may I suggest a couple of things?

First, find your soul spot…the place you can go to be alone to think and to pray. Mine is a vacant wooded lot on a deserted portion of a nearby lake. Nothing magical happens there. God doesn’t shine his glory on me or speak audibly through a burning bush, but it is cleansing for me. Another soul spot for me is getting behind the wheel by myself on a road trip. My brain seems to unclog, and I can think more clearly. Find your soul spot before life gets so muddy you can’t see or think straight.

Second, find an avenue to help someone. Seniors are a wonderful people group to help. They are so thankful for a visit, card, note, chore, and time given. You will receive more than you give, and your soul will be filled over and over again.

My daughter and her husband were able to get their car out of the mud. The scars in the lawn remain for now, but repairs have been made and new grass will soon appear. Hope is both fragile and powerful. When we give, hope abounds and a muddy landscape becomes green again.

Stan Means 
Elder Source Senior Ministries