What is he thinking?

Elder Source is new to the social marketing scene. The delay is my own fault, but I am glad to have finally begun with the help and encouragement of two volunteers. I logged on a few minutes ago and was looking at the main picture on our Facebook page. An elderly man, standing with the help of a walker, is looking out a window.

Is he watching children playing? Is he lost in thought? If he is in a care community or homebound I have a pretty good guess what may be on his mind. He could be concerned about his declining health. He could be lonely. He may have outlived many of his friends and maybe even his wife. His kids are probably busy. His church may have forgotten him. His “hope tank” could be running low.

Most seniors want the same basic things we do—to be loved, appreciated, and respected! How can we do that? At the very least we can call, visit, and even write to them the old fashioned way—via a letter or a card. Some may need more hands-on help with an errand or chore they can no longer do.

If all of us do something, no senior will be left hopelessly, longingly, staring out a window. We can do this! We really can do this! I would love to hear your senior story.

Stan Means 
Elder Source Senior Ministries

PS - Maybe the guy in the window is looking for you or me, hoping today will be the day we will stop by for a hug and a visit.